Have ICE with you always

Paramedics recommend that you take ICE with you wherever you go during this Summer Holiday.

ICE (In Case of Emergency) is where one or more number under the heading “ICE” gets saved on a cell phone in order for paramedics and other emergency personnel to find the number easily as well as to notify a loved one if an emergency that occurred in order to obtain life-saving information.

Once the contact was located on the phone, the number will be relayed to the ER National Emergency Contact Centre where an emergency operator will make contact with the person over a recorded line to obtain possible life-saving information such as allergies, medical background and any other information that might be of assistance to the emergency personnel or hospital.

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A cell phone user can program more than one number in his contact list under ICE. A simple ICE contact would look something like this: “ICE 1 Brother” followed by a contact number. For more than one ICE contact, a person can program “ICE 2, ICE 3” on their phones.