The paddle out for “The Eddie” held in Hawaii

Eddie Aikau was a well known Hawaiian surfer and life saver who was lost to the sea in 1978 when he paddled for help after an outrigger canoe he was crewing on developed a leak. The rest of the crew were saved but Eddie was never seen again.

Fellow surfers Bruce Raymond and Bob Mc Knight came up with the idea to hold a memorial surf contest with the criteria that the waves had to be a minimum size of 20 foot before the contest would be held. Since its inception in 1985, “The Eddie” has only been staged eight times. Clyde Aikau, the younger brother of Eddie won the event in 1987, the first time the contest was held.


The term “Eddie would go” became famous around the world when surfers where eying out sizable conditions and debating whether to paddle out or not.

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Two South Africans, Chris Bertish and Grant Baker have been invited to take part in the 2010 rendition of “The Eddie”. Both surfers have a growing reputation amongst the international big wave surfing fraternity.

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