J’Bay surfers – do more than just surf

A recent concert at Potters Place revealed that the current crop of up and coming J’Bay surfers can do more than just rip the waves apart and get barrelled.

Tobias Schroeder, Emma and Gina Smith as well as Dylan Lightfoot and Steven Saywer were part of a concert that showcased the musical talents of students of Elsabe Rademeyer, who also happens to be teach the surfers Afrikaans at their private school on Marina Martinique.

Elsabe Rademeyer came up with a unique way of teaching Afrikaans to her students.

“Elsabe came up with a plan to help us with our Afrikaans by having a musical drama based on a love story with a “disco” sort of theme”, said Dylan Lightfoot. “At first we took it as just some fun but when we heard that all the tickets for the show had been sold out, we realised we have to start learning our lines as the whole play was in Afrikaans! We knew we would get taken apart if we blew things too badly”

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Demi Meyer played the part of Cupid
Tobias Schroeder and Dylan Lightfoot pulling the disco moves
The play was highly entertaining for the audience

The audience at the packed out show where not disappointed as the music students and the surfers combined to put on an entertaining show with the highlight being Dylan Lightfoot declaring undying love for his new girlfriend that reminded the parents of the movie 1970’s hit movie “Grease” that starred John Travolta.

"Ek gaan jou nooit vergeet nie Sannie Koekemoer". Dylan Lightfoot all heartbroken and sad

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