Crime down but still problems in Wavecrest

It has been generally a quiet week in Jeffreys bay crime wise, with Aston Bay, Paradise Beach and Marina Martinique having minimal reported crime. The center of town is also relatively calm, with most of the housebreaking’s occurring in Wavecrest. However, it appears as if the problem is being contained at present.

Pellsrus/Ocean View is also quieter following some good police work and arrests that were made during the week. Assaults and other contact crimes are also down and the Police and Neighbourhood Watches will continue to monitor the shebeens from where many of the problems originate.

Residents are again urged to remain vigilant and not to leave goods lying in open view in their cars, especially in the center of town. Many crimes are opportunistic in nature and can be prevented by taking precautions. Lock valuables in the boot when leaving the car to go shopping.

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