Say no more to women and child abuse

Women and children should be afforded protection and respect in any society, yet sadly this is lacking all over the world. There is an estimated 100 – 150 million street children on earth today. In studies that have been conducted, many of the street children reported that they have been abused.

South Africa is supporting the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children, a campaign organised by the United Nations that will run until 10 December 2010 which is International Human Rights Day. Although the global campaign focuses on violence against women only, South Africa added children to its campaign because of the high incidence of child abuse in the country.

“The White Ribbon”

This year the campaign is popularising the white ribbon as a symbol of personal and organisational commitment to the eradication of violence against women and children. The white ribbon symbolises the commitment of the wearer to “never commit or condone violence against women and children, and to speak out about violence where they see it.”

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Jeffreys Bay has a Trauma Centre that is affiliated to the Community Police Forum (CPF) that supports victims of domestic violence and abuse. All rape cases and even those who have been traumatised by a house robbery are referred to the Trauma Centre.

The Centre is headed up by Captain Botes, the chief of the Crime Prevention Unit at the Jeffreys Bay Police Station and actively makes a difference in the lives of vulnerable women and children. This is a worthy cause to support during the campaign and more information can be obtained from Sue Smit, the secretary of the CPF by emailing her at [email protected]

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