Occupied houses being targeted by robbers

Housebreakings are still occurring in Jeffreys Bay with the majority still taking place in Wavecrest and Pellsrus/Ocean View. The general trend is for the thieves to target homes that are occupied. This indicated that they are after electronic goods like laptops and cell phones which are easy to sell on the black market.

Entry has again been through windows that are broken and doors that are not totally secure. In one instance, the external burglar bars were removed by the thieves to gain access to the house they wanted to rob.

The 2 am – 4 am time period still seems to be favoured by the criminals. Any suspicious behaviour must please be reported to the Police immediately. A Nissan Skyline has been spotted driving slowly around Wavecrest in the early hours of the morning, with a passenger getting out of the car and trying to access vehicles parked outside houses in the suburbs.

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Assaults have also increased slightly with knives being the favoured weapon of attack.

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