Housebreakings all over J’Bay

The past weekend saw a number of housebreakings occur in Jeffreys Bay. Windows being broken open and doors being forced were the general modus operandi in use by the criminals.

Residents are urged to be aware of their surroundings and to report any suspicious movement in their neighbourhoods to the Police, their security companies or to the relevant Neighbourhood Watch. Cars driving around late at night and loiterers hanging around are indicators that something is out of the ordinary.

Some housebreakings occurred without any forced entry, which means that windows were left unsecured or doors were not locked. The days of leaving our homes unsecured in Jeffreys Bay are sadly over and we need to make life as difficult as we can for criminals. Many of the robberies occur because an opportunity has presented itself to a criminal and they will take advantage of any situation.

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Lessons can be learned from the Neighbourhood Watches in Paradise Beach and Aston Bay. These suburbs have brought crime to literally a standstill and a few years ago, Aston Bay was a favoured haunt of the criminals amongst us. High visibility through regular patrols at night and reaction units who quickly follow up on any suspicious movement have caused criminals to look for easier pickings in other parts of Jeffreys Bay.

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We still have the opportunity to keep crime down in Jeffreys Bay. Robbers armed with guns are the norm in the cities and we have to make sure this trend does not find its way into Jeffreys Bay. The following incident occurred in Port Elizabeth. The Port Elizabeth police are searching for three gunmen who robbed a house in Framesby yesterday morning. Captain Janse Van Rensburg says the 64 year old victim was accosted as he opened his garage to leave for work. She says the man was tied up and the men made of with a television set and his car, which was later found abandoned in Summerstrand. Janse van Rensburg says the man was not injured but was traumatised by the incident.

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