Local wins Supertubes One Shot photo competition

Well known surfer, artist and environmentalist Deon Lategan has won $ 2000 in the Billabong/Zigzag Supertubes One Shot photo competition. The winner’s photo will be used in the 2011 Billabong Pro marketing material, in addition to the prize money.

Deon, who has been an avid photographer for years, came up with the photo that in the eyes of the judges captured the essence of surfing Supertubes.

The winning photo taken by Deon Lategan

“It’s always been a goal of mine to get the Billabong Pro campaign shot. It’s something that I thought I had a decent chance at getting so I’m super stoked”, said Deon.

When asked about the photo, Deon said, “I was doing my surf check and this perfect set came through which is the one featured in this photo. I literally took this shot and then ran up the beach to ask Koffie Jacobs, the contest director of the Xcel Po if there was time for a pre contest surf as the Xcel was due to start the same day. I had an epic morning surf and then later on had a dream heat in the contest where I scragged some sweet waves. All round a perfect day”.

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Jaconi Comley's photo of Andy Irons has a timeless feel to it.

Some other J’Bay locals also produced some great pictures with Jaconi Comley snapping a classic of Andy Irons in the barrel. Jaconi’s photo was rated as one of the most popular during the Supertubes One Shot competition.

Heleen Bakkes, another local also produced a fine action shot as can be seen below. The chokka fisherman supported the anti nuclear demonstration during the 2010 Billabong Pro and many brought their boats close in shore during the contest.

A tight turn and snap witnessed by a chokka boat by Heleen Bakkes

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