Homes targeted by robbers in J’Bay

The Jeffreys Bay Police have made an appeal to residents to keep an eye open for loiterers in the suburbs as a number of housebreakings have occurred in the past few days.

Houses at the top of Wavecrest have been targeted with entry being gained through windows being broken while access was attempted in another instance by breaking the lock on a security gate.

Jeffreys Bay central has also seen some activity with items like copper pipes and even clothes being stolen off a washing line. The Police are following strong leads in the crimes being committed in the centre of town.

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Residents in Paradise Beach and Aston Bay should watch out for two men who have been walking around the area over the past few days. They are described as one being tall and the other short with one of them wearing a brown top. Please contact the Police or the Neighbourhood Watch should they be spotted.

A laptop was stolen from a shop in the Fountains Mall and shop owners are urged to be vigilant and to secure their office equipment where possible. The modus operandi used in this instance was to keep the cashier busy while another person in the group managed to steal the laptop.

An arrest for drunk driving also took place in Da Gama Road. As holiday season approaches, a zero tolerance towards drink driving will be implemented by the Police as well as the Traffic officials in the town.

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