Locals fleeced in scam

We have all received the emails saying we have won millions in the Euro lotto or that Microsoft is giving away more millions of dollars.

There are also the messages we receive on our cell phones saying that cash prizes are been handed out to the cell phone number that the sms has been sent to.

A few local residents took the next step and made contact with the person sending the emails. Generally it is a West African who answers and says that a deposit needs to be sent to a bank account in Europe. The amount varies from a few thousand rand to tens of thousands.

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The lure of a quick buck or unexpected riches is sometimes too much for people to bear and they take the plunge and deposit the money, only to realise that they have been fleeced.

The Jeffreys Bay Police have made an appeal to residents not to succumb to the desire to get rich quick. Remember if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

It is extremely difficult to investigate these kind of cases and the Police urge locals to rather be cautious than be sorry afterwards.

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