Work hard…..Play hard……

Jeffreys Bay is a town that is renowned for the perfect surf that comes peeling down the point at Supertubes every winter season.

This has attracted surfers from all over the world to flock to JBay to ride the freight train waves that have caused the former sleepy fishing village to become an iconic international surf destination.

Bank managers have been known to become irate when their customers closed doors to go surfing when the waves are cooking and business comes second to the more important issues in life, like riding waves.

Not much has changed in Jeffreys Bay and residents still hard and play hard. Insight Properties is no exception and when there is work to be done putting together innovative property deals the guys go all out to find a win – win situation for sellers and buyers.

However, when they play, they play hard. Nick Melck was the recepient of a classic office prank.

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Just to make sure nobody in the office gets bored, they caught Nick again, a few day’s later.


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