Laptops being stolen in J’Bay

Housebreakings are continuing unabated in Jeffreys By with both Wavecrest and Marina Martinique being targeted this week. There appears to be a definate shift in crime patterns in the town with the Aston Bay road and the Marina being affected with crime over the past few days.

The theft of motor vehicles from Wavecrest also remains a problem with Thursday night and Monday nights being the preferred times of the week for the thieves. It is believed that out of town syndicates are responsible fot the thefts.

A worrying trend is that laptops are being taken from homes while they are occupied. Thieves have generally gained access through sliding doors and the Jeffreys Bay Police have urged residents to secure the doors with inexpensive bolts.

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Assaults rermain under control with the biggest problem suburbs of Pellsrus and Ocean View remaining quiet. However, some of the crime in the western suburbs of Jeffreys Bay are thought to be caused by chokka fishermen who are on land for the closed season for the next few weeks.

Afrer several incidents on the Aston Bay road over the weekend, the road is being monitored by the Police and Community Police Forum (CPF) in an effort to keep motorists safe while travelling between Jeffreys Bay and Aston Bay.

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