Crime patterns shift in J’Bay

Hard work by the Jeffreys Bay Police and the Community Police Forum (CPF) has seen crime drop dramatically in Wavecrest over the past week. The crime still occuring in Wavecrest is the theft of motor vehicles, with older model vehicles still being targeted.

Ocean View and Pellsrus were the suburbs most affected by housebreakings while crimes like assaults are also down on previous months.

After a long period two housebreakings took place on Marina Martinique over the weekend. Anti crime campaigner Brenton Williams was robbed while sleeping in the early hours of Saturday morning while another unit in Phase 2 of the Marina was also robbed, probably by the same suspects.

‘I woke up at 05.30 am on Saturday morning and immediately noticed by balcony window was wide open and suspected something was wrong’, said Brenton. “I went into the lounge and found my laptop, camera and other electronic items had been stolen. The thieves had accessed the balcony by climbing up to the second story by using a bar stool they took from the first robbery.”

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The Police are following up on several leads but no arrests have been made at this stage.

Residents are also urged to take care when driving on the Aston Bay road at night following an incident on Saturday night when a young woman was attacked in her vehicle while driving on the dangerous road. Her windscreen was smashed when a rock was thrown at her vehicle.

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