Motorist attacked on Aston Bay Road last night

After a long period where no incidents took place, attacks on the Aston Bay road occured again last night. In a confirmed report, a young woman had the traumatic experience of having a rock thrown through her windscreen while driving on the road.

She was approaching the traffic circle and had slowed down when a suspect who was wearing a striped red and white shirt threw a rock that shattered her windscreen. Luckily the rock hit the passenger side and she was able to make her escape from the potentially life threatening situation.

“The Jeffreys Bay Police were fantastic and came to my assistance immediately”, said the young woman. “It was a rough day as my boyfriend’s flat had been robbed on Marina Martinique in the early hours of Saturday morning and then I was attacked in the evening”.

The Police, after escorting the woman to her residence, launched a rapid response to the attack, especially as a couple more unconfirmed incidents of stone throwing at cars also took place last night.

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The Community Police Forum (CPF) together with the Aston Bay Neighbourhood Watch patrolled the road together with the Police who monitored the dangerous sections of the road for the entire night.

Residents are urged to be vigilant when driving along the Aston Bay road after dark and to be alert when passing the Kloof at the edge of Loods Park as well as the traffic circle itself. The Police as well as the CPF and Neighbourhood Watches will be patrolling the road to prevent any further incidents from taking place.

At this stage the motive for the attack is unknown and it is hoped that the attacks are not linked to the chokka industry closed season that begun this week.

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