Hall of Fame Surfer Joey Buran in J-Bay!

Legendary Pipeline Master’s winner Joey Buran will be premièring his new movie “Beyond the Dream” in Jeffreys Bay tonight at Potters Place.

The film is an inspiring biographical documentary of Buran, tracing his humble origins in Carlsbad, California to his rise as one of surfing’s greatest athletes.

Joey Buran began surfing at the age of 12 in 1973. By 1975 he was ranked as the top amateur surfer in California. At the age of 17 he turned pro in 1978 and became California’s top pro that year by finishing 27th in the world.

Making it into the final round of the Pipeline Masters contest in Hawaii that year, he received the nickname of the “California Kid” given to him by ABC’s Wide World of Sports.


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Until he left the Pro Surfing Tour in 1985, Joey was recognized as California’s top pro surfer and its trailblazer and ambassador on the world tour.

Beyond the Dream follows Buran’s journey to winning the highly coveted Pipeline Master’s Championship in 1984, which left him unfulfilled, leading to depression and a suicide attempt. From fame to obscurity, through tribulations and trials, an unbelievable comeback a decade later, and becoming a pastor, it is a life-changing story that led to Buran’s ultimate discovery of the true purpose in his life.

The premiere will be on Tuesday 19th October at 7:30pm @ Potters Place

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