Law Enforcement Raids Lower Point

The beach access area at Tecoma Street which has become an area of concern for residents due to the ever increasing number of bush dwellers living in the sand dunes, was raided by the Municipal Law Enforcement officials on Friday.

Bush camps were discovered and the team lead by Mr. Adam Floors cleaned the area in an attempt to address the situation, which has the potential to spiral out of control.

Kouga Law Enforcement cleaning up Lower Point

“We will be conducting on going raids of the beach front as well as the kloofs in Jeffreys Bay”, said Floors. The Community Police Forum (CPF) and Law Enforcement work very closely together to identify problems in Jeffreys Bay as well as finding solutions to the problems.”

The Supertubes Surfing Foundation were also at Lower Point on Friday to conduct a site assessment as Lower Point is the next section of the beach front that the Foundation has decided to upgrade.

The damage the bush camps have caused was very evident.

“Lower Point has been a concern for quite some time now and we made a decision to upgrade the area as the Foundation’s first priority”, said Tyrone Smith the Chairman of the Supertubes Foundation.

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“We will be using a similar approach to the one used in the Supertubes Park where razor wire will be used to protect and preserve the indigenous bush on the sand dunes which is being destroyed by the bush sleepers.”

“Once we have quotes the Foundation will be calling a public meeting as there are a number of facets to the project and it can only work if the residents who live nearby as well as those who use the beach at Lower Point buy into it and we all work together to come up with a lasting solution”, added Smith.

The Supertubes Surfing Foundation has proposed preserving the sand dune with razor wire, similar to the Supertubes Park.

Residents in Tecoma Street as well as Pagoda Street will be relieved to hear of the efforts to clean up the car park at Lower Point, as well the surfers who park there when surfing Point, which is regarded as one of the finer waves in South Africa.

This car park was originally a caravan park where the first surfers who lived in Jeffreys Bay camped out without having to worry about crime and could go surfing all day without locking away their possessions and worrying about being robbed.

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