More vehicles stolen in J’Bay

Out of town syndicates are still operating in Jeffreys Bay and stealing motor vehicles, mostly bakkies from the upmarket suburb of Wavecrest.

Easy access to the national highways for escape routes and a few different exits out of the suburb, make Wavecrest a preferred area for the criminals to operate.

The Community Police Forum (CPF) has made an appeal to residents to secure their vehicles where possible. Garages and gates are deterrents to criminals as the syndicates have the technical knowledge to bypass the most sophisticated alarm systems.

The Jeffreys Bay Police are focusing on the theft of motor vehicles and housebreakings in an attempt to eradicate or reduce the crimes from the town.

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Crimes like assaults have drastically reduced over the past week, while crime in the other suburbs in Jeffreys Bay has been minimal. A white Venture is still cruising around Jeffreys Bay (mainly in Wavecrest). The registration number of the vehicle is sought. Should anybody spot it, it can be emailed to jbaynews.com and the information will be passed onto the Police and Neighbourhood Watches.

Housebreakings also took place in Wavecrest over the past few days with Palm Crescent and the upper parts of the suburb being targeted. Entry has been gained by forcing doors open or breaking windows. Most of the crimes occurred between 12 Am and 2 Am in the mornings. The CPF will be assisting the Police in operations in Wavecrest in the coming days.

The problem of a community of bush sleepers living at Lower Point has been escalated by the CPF to the Municipal Law Enforcement Officers who will be taking action against the illegal campers.

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