Suspicious vehicles spotted in J’Bay

There have been two suspicious vehicles reported around Jeffreys Bay in the past week. Residents are encouraged to be vigilant and take note when noticing something out of the ordinary.

A white panel van has been spotted in the Lower Point area with the six African occupants camping out in the car park on Saturday night. Their intentions are unknown at this point but should this vehicle be spotted, try record the registration number and email it to jbaynews.com and the information will be relayed to the relevant authorities.

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A black Golf has also been spotted around the town and the occupants are thought to be involved with crime in and around Jeffreys Bay. Should the golf, with tinted windows be spotted, please call the Police immediately as the suspects could be armed.

The Community Police Forum (CPF) will be meeting tonight at 6 PM at the Jeffreys Bay Police Station. The latest crime trends will be discussed and the community can raise concerns about security at the meeting.

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