More Sewage Spills on Main Beach

The ongoing saga of raw sewage spewing out onto Jeffreys Bay blue flag beach took a new twist late last week when the Municipality built a dam wall on the beach a day before the spill occurred.

The sewage dam was prepared on Thursday afternoon, a day before the spill occurred.

Last Thursday a retaining wall was built at the same hight as the surrounding sand dunes at the storm water drain at the popular surf break Kitchen Windows. By Friday morning the sewage was pumping out onto the beach and this only ended on Saturday. The Municipal sewage removal trucks were hard at work removing the raw sewage off the beach on Friday and Saturday.

Ex Billabong CEO and well known Jeffreys Bay resident Cheron Kraak has had enough. “We have escalated the problem to the national media as Jeffreys Bay is an asset to South Africa and brings thousands of tourists to the country every year”, said Kraak. “We have been trying to engage with the Municipality by following protocol but that has got us nowhere”.

By Friday the sewage dam was filling up rapidly.

There have been about 6 major sewage spills on Main Beach alone this year and there are increasing number of reports about sewage problems being experienced in Aston Bay, Ocean View and Wavecrest.

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Sewage dams have been noted at “Apies Draai” on the way to Aston Bay as well as at the sewage pump station at Ocean View.

What is more disturbing is that the Kouga Municipality was unable to or failed to provide the Department of Water Affairs with the required information for the Department to conduct a “Green Drop” certification assessment. The reasons for this non compliance are not yet known.

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