Fighting crime with technology in J’Bay


A crime reporting website has been launched in Jeffreys Bay. The website will enable residents to report crime incidents and analyse all reported incidents by location, date and category.

“Gotcha” allows individual citizens to do something about crime in their area. At the very least, you can record the fact that you were the victim of a crime.

You can see who else has suffered a crime in your neighbourhood. You can see the patterns of crime near you, by location, by type of crime, by date and time. You can identify dangerous areas, dangerous times.

You can be alerted to suspicious behaviours in your area, before they become crimes. You can use the power of the internet to become as well organised as the crooks.


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In no way is this website an alternative to reporting crimes to the police or other authorities. This is not an emergency help facility, nor is it a commercial security operation. No one will come to your assistance when you report a crime on this website. It is purely a database of crime statistics, with a useful map-based interface to the crime data.
As you will see in more detail on the website, crime incidents can be reported directly on the website, or by sending an email to [email protected] Incident reports are edited and checked by moderators, then logged as verified reports on the database.


Currently there are just 8 sample incidents in the database extracted from local news reports. Feel free to report any crime incidents from the last 6 months or so. Please remember to include the 6 w’s in your report – When, What, Where, Who, Why and hoW.
Currently this website is the private initiative of Trevor Watkins who would welcome any assistance with the website, particularly from people willing to assist with the moderation and checking of incoming incident reports.


Sign up at https://gotcha.crowdmap.com/

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