Drink Driving clamp down in J’Bay

Despite the huge influx of people into Jeffreys Bay over the long weekend, very little crime was reported. There were a spate of housebreakings in Wavecrest last Thursday night but the J’Bay Police Crime Prevention Unit worked in the suburb over the weekend and curbed the situation.

Minimal incidences of theft occured, which considering the amount of people in town and the number of cars that could have been broken into, is testament to the crime prevention tactics employed by the Police and the Municipal Law Enforcement officers.

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Due to complaints received from residents during past Shell Festivals that Da Gama Road is used as a race track by drunk drivers, the Kouga Traffic officials clamped down on this crime over the weekend. No less than 11 arrests were made for drink driving since Thursday night.

Having Customs and the Law Enforcement officers on duty on the first day of the Shell Festival ensured a relaxed atmosphere and positive comments have been received about the peaceful vibe experienced by visitors and locals alike.

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