Supertubes Foundation leads the Recycling effort in J’Bay

17 September is National Recycling Day and the environmental body the Supertubes Surfing Foundation will be celebrating in the Supertubes Park.

Recycled bottle tops and wire have been used to form words “Save Water” on the razor wire protected the last remaining sand dune along the Jeffreys Bay beach front.

The Foundation set up recycling bins in the Park which are working well as residents become informed and start to separate their refuse.

According to Alison Kuhl from the Supertubes Foundation residents can do the following “At present clean tins, plastic bottles, paper (not newspaper and magazines) uncoated cardboard and glass may be dropped off at the Park. Bins are available and Enviroman collects from the Park on a daily basis.”

According to the University of Johannesburg:

Recycling one ton of paper saves:

17 trees

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2 barrels of oil

4 100 kW of energy

27,2 kg of air pollution.

Recycling aluminium drink cans saves 95 % of the energy needed to make aluminium for its raw materials.

Incinerating 10 000 tons of waste creates 1 job , land filling the same amount creates 6 jobs while recycling the same 10 000 creates 36 jobs.

Recycling a glass bottle saves enough energy to light a 100 watt bulb for four hours.

Let’s make a difference and get the recycling ethic going in Jeffreys Bay.

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