Marina Martinique…where the living is easy…


Imagine living right on sea water canals that are totally safe for swimming and boating, are teeming with fish, you don’t have to barricade your doors or burglar proof your windows and your children can roam the streets on their bikes or just run around. A pipe dream for crime weary Jeffreys Bay?

After surviving the meltdown caused by the MasterBond bankruptcy in the early 1990’s the Marina Martinique has stood the test of time and is coming into its own as a premier choice for a residential property.

Waterfront properties at Marina Martinique, Jeffreys Bay, South Africa are still fetching top prices despite the downturn in the property market

According to Insight Properties who specialise on real estate on Martinique, Phase 1 (the “old Marina”) has bucked the recent crisis in the property market.

In the boom of 2006/07 we were selling waterfront stands at R1000 per m2. The recent sales of vacant stands on the water are selling at an average of R1 366 per m2 which means that during this recession where other properties showed a decrease in price, Phase 1, Marina Martinique has shown a 20% increase in selling price” said Nick Melck from Insight.

Gone are the days when dredging was a permanent feature of Marina Martinique

When asked what is causing the Marina to thrive in a global recession that was triggered by the bursting of the property bubble in the American real estate market, Melck replied that Marina Martinique is managed by a Home Owners Association which maintains high standards with good corporate governance that allows Home Owners to be confident in the development.

The Marina is essentially a mini municipality run within a municipality. It is responsible for its own security with the result that the last housebreaking occurred 24 months ago while the rest of Jeffreys Bay is experiencing over 40 housebreaking a month”, added Melck.

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The Premier South African open water swim series takes place at Marina Martinique

“The Marina is re-tarring all its roads, done a lot of work with the fauna and maintenance work has been done in the canals with the dredging of excess sand. This is all happening while most of the suburbs in our town are not receiving the same attention from the Kouga Municipality”.


October will see the launch of the biggest open water swim season in the history of the Marina as well. Six events will take place over the summer, including the Marina Mile which is scheduled for 23 December. More information can be found at Kouga Swim Club

Sunrise over the canals at Marina Marinique, Jeffreys Bay

Our Property Page showcases some incredible homes on Marina Martinique where its summer all year round and the living is easy. Whether an established home or a vacant plot right on the canals is what you want in life, Marina Martinique certainly has it all. And if you love water make sure to enter the Marina Mile and enjoy the canal lifestyle.

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