Housebreakers still active in J’Bay


The Jeffreys Bay Police have warned residents that house robbers are using a new modus operandi to access houses in the town. No longer are criminals targeting occupied homes but they are once again also breaking into holiday homes.

The new modus operandi is to switch off power at the electricity box and then wait for the alarms battery to run dead before breaking into the house. Residents are asked to keep an eye on neighbour’s homes to try prevent this from occurring regularly in Jeffreys Bay.

There are still a number of suspicious vehicles on the move in the town. A silver Mazda 323 in a dilapidated condition with six African males has been spotted in the Paradise Beach and Aston Bay area. Despite a quick response from the Neighbourhood Watches the suspects were not found. They harassed a woman resident of Aston Bay and can be considered dangerous.

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A white Venture is still operational in Wavecrest and is believed to be transporting housebreakers into the suburb. A white Izuzu bakkie with a registration CPN 856 EC was stolen in Port Elizabeth and has been spotted in Jeffreys Bay. Should any of these vehicles be seen, contact the Police immediately on 042 2006800.

There are still problems with the 10111 number and residents must rather phone the land line number in the Charge Office.

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