40 houses a month robbed in Jeffreys Bay

The South African Police have released the long awaited crime statistics for the country. They reveal a drop in murders but an increase of housebreakings and crimes like shoplifting.

483 houses were broken into in Jeffreys Bay between April 09 and March 2010. The majority of these houses are in Wavecrest and Ocean View. Although this represents a decrease year on year, it still means that about 40 houses a month are broken into in Jeffreys Bay.

The number of robberies at business premises have shown an alarming upward trend with 13 being reported as opposed to just 3 in the previous year.

38 motor vehicles were stolen in the town which means just over 3 vehicles a month. The national highway was under construction during the period under review which could indicate that this crime is a huge problem in Jeffreys Bay. 115 thefts out of motor vehicle took place, averaging nearly 10 a month.

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On a positive note only 8 murders took place in the town, down from 20 the year before. The active policing of the shebeens has probably contributed to the decrease. Assaults have remained fairly constant with 194 serious assaults being reported during the year.

Whilst on the face of it, crime has remained fairly under control in Jeffreys Bay, the fact remains that some residents do not report crime as the perception prevails that it is a waste of time as nothing will ever be done about it.

The South African Police have adopted a model whereby crime statistics are used to determine how many Policemen a particular station requires as opposed to a ratio of Policemen per population. The growth in Jeffreys Bay has therefore never been taken into account when determining how many Policemen should be stationed in the town.

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