Gangster arrested for attack on businessman


A brutal attack occurred in C Place over the weekend where a businessman was stopped while driving and robbed of his pistol after being brutally assaulted.  

He had been delivering fish and had dropped his workers off and was driving through C place when he was flagged down by a man waving money. As he stopped to tell the man he had nothing left to sell, one suspect attacked from the passenger side door while another attacked through the driver’s side. 

At some point the businessman was throttled and lost conciousness. He sustained numerous injuries in the attack and his pistol was stolen. 

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The J’ Bay Detective branch together with the Uniform branch identified suspects and arrests were made on Tuesday evening. The pistol was recovered and 3 suspects are in custody, one of them being a notorious gangster in Jeffreys Bay. 

Captain Kok, head of the Detective branch said. “It was a team effort between the entire detective branch and the Uniform branch of the J’ Bay Police. We are not going to tolerate criminals attacking residents in this town and let them get away with it. My thanks go to all my detectives who put the hours in to make the arrests as well as the Uniform Policemen who were spot on with their information about the suspects”.

Bail will be vigorously opposed when the suspects appear in court.

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