More house robberies in J’Bay


A number of housebreakings cases were reported in Jeffreys Bay since the beginning of September. While Wavecrest was again the target, C Place was also busy, especially in the Trumpet Street area.

Theft of motor vehicles and theft out of motor vehicles have again taken place over the past few days in the town, while a case of attempted murder is being investigated by the Police after a businessman was pulled over whilst driving and attacked in the town.

Captain Botes of the Jeffreys Bay Police has made an appeal to residents to secure their sliding doors as the most common method of entry is through these doors. A bolt can be inserted that secures the door to the frame and can save your family from going through the trauma of becoming a victim of crime.

Aston Bay and Paradise Beach remain quiet after the Neighbourhood Watches from these suburbs increased the visibility of their patrols which has brought the number of incidences down considerably.

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There are still cases being reported of crime being committed on surrounding farms and residents are urged to make sure their vehicles are secure, even on the farms.

The majority of housebreakings are occurring late at night and a suspicious white Venture has been spotted in Wavecrest picking up people after they were disturbed trying to access a home in the suburb.

Police are following up a lead in the C Place robberies and an arrest should be made soon in this regard.

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