Crime up in Wavecrest

There will be a Community Police Forum (CPF) meeting at the Police Station tonight at 6 PM.

Residents and organisations are encouraged to attend the meeting where crime stats and strategies to combat crime will be discussed.

Wavecrest was again the target of criminals this weekend and residents of this suburb need to make a concerted effort to curtail the problem in their midst. The Police and CPF had a joint operation in Wavecrest last Thursday night but sadly most of the volunteers who joined the operation came from other suburbs.

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Roy Riberio who started the Aston Bay Neighbourhood Watch, was one of those who spent the night patrolling Wavecrest said, “We realise that there is a bigger picture. If criminals think one suburb in Jeffreys Bay is an easy target, eventually the problem will become everyone’s problem.”

Crime levels have decreased dramatically in Aston Bay since the introduction of the Neighbourhood Watch and a resident reaction unit. “If something does down in Aston, there are at least 3 or 4 cars patrolling and hunting for the suspects within minutes”, explained Riberio. “Even if we don’t catch them, the deterrent created by a rapid response seems to make the criminals think twice about targeting our neighbourhood.”

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