You can make a difference in your Community


Following the disturbing number of housebreakings in Wavecrest the Police and Community Police Forum (CPF) are holding an operation in the suburb tonight (Thursday 2 September). 

According to Sue Smit from the CPF everyone is invited to join the operation whether they live in Wavecrest or not. “Crime affects us all in one way or another and it is suspected that many of the housebreakers come from out of town”, said Sue.

“Nobody is expected to put their lives in danger. All we want is to have a strong presence in Wavecrest tonight and people will be the eyes and ears of the Policemen who will also be working with us”, she added.

The BP garage in da Gama Road is the meeting place at 9 PM tonight. It is advised to bring a torch, binoculars, warm clothes and a cell phone. The operation will continue until the suburb is quiet but people who join can go home and sleep anytime they want to.

 The operational plan will be discussed by W/O Potgieter at the BP garage and people will be informed what is expected of them.

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The Police are looking for a green Mazda and an old shape white mini bus that have been observed dropping people off in Wavecrest in the past few weeks. Should these vehicles be spotted W/O Potgieter can be contacted on  0724142090

 The CPF wishes to thank the Aston Bay Neighbourhood Watch who conducted similar operations in their suburb recently that dramatically reduced crime in that part of Jeffreys Bay.

 “Together we can make a difference.”


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