Reece says: Thanks for saving my life


The past few weeks have been a Roller coaster of emotion, fear and anxiety. If it were not for our faith in God and the support of friends and family, this ride would almost certainly have been derailed. We have also been blown away by the generosity of people that truly care and have helped us conquer the first financial milestone as they have given unselfishly toward saving a little boys life”.

So says Roche and Vicky Smit, the parents of Reece, who has been diagnosed with Faconi Amenia and needs a bone marrow transplant to save his life.

R 360 000 has been raised to cover the initial expenses of the bone marrow transplant in a few weeks and the Smit family again wishes to thank everyone who has opened their pockets to help Reece.

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We met with the medical staff at the Groote Schuur and Red Cross hospitals this week and now have a better understanding of the process. There is a long road ahead of us.”, said Vicky.

A donor (21yr female from Germany) has been identified as the only possible match for Reece. Her blood samples are currently being tested and we will know within the next 2 weeks if she is compatible for him.

For now, the admission date is leaning toward February 2011 and we have about 5 months to prepare. Reece will spend a month in an isolation room at Groote Schuur where only one parent is present at a time. During this time he will receive chemotherapy and his new bone marrow. The healing process then continues at Red Cross”.

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