J’Bay Police clamp down

Jeffreys Bay was relatively crime free over the weekend following a successful Police operation on Friday night.

Housebreakings remain a concern especially in Wavecrest and Ocean View. The modus operandi is to force doors or windows open to gain access. The Jeffreys Bay Police again request that residents properly secure the sliding doors in their homes.

“It is cheap and easy to secure a sliding door with a small bolt”, said Captain Botes from the J’Bay Police. “We have experienced another house robbery where access was gained through a sliding door and residents must take precautions to protect their homes”.

A green Mazda has been spotted dropping people off in Wavecrest at night as well as an old white mini bus. It is suspected that these people then roam Wavecrest looking for opportunities to break into houses or to steal cars.

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Over the weekend the Police made 34 arrests for various crimes like being drunk in public while stop and search operations were ongoing as well.

The Community Police Forum has stated that there is a problem with the telephone lines at the Police Station and residents are urged to make a note of the day and time they tried to call the Police station if unsuccessful and forward the details to [email protected]

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