Well known family leave for Australia


Brad and Elri Davey is a well known couple in town with two really cool daughters, Sarah and Emma.

Through his involvement with the law firm CW Malan, Brad became a well liked and respected man in Jeffreys Bay and due to his passion for surfing he became one of the founder members of the Supertubes Surfing Foundation.

Sarah loves swimming and hopes to continue with her sport in Australia

“Leaving J’Bay is hard and I am going to miss all the people and the waves at Supertubes”, said Brad. “Being involved in the Foundation and seeing the improvement in the Supertubes Park and Point has been great”.

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Brad was offered a position in Perth, Australia on a four year contract, which he accepted. Elri is a long time J’Bay local and went to Nico Malan High School. “I am really looking forward to the new challenges but know it won’t be easy”, said Elri.

Elrie and Brad Davey shortly before leaving for Australia.

Both girls are very excited about the adventure they are embarking upon. “I am going to miss my friends”, said Sarah “Yet this is an adventure I don’t want to miss out on”. Little Emma is also happy with the move to Australia and just hopes she will be able to find some friends who can speak Afrikaans with her.

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