Housebreakings still a problem in J’Bay

Crime was brought to a grinding halt in Aston Bay over the weekend as the pro active approach of the Neighbourhood Watch paid dividends. No crime was reported from the suburb or from Paradise Beach since Thursday.

However, Wavecrest again became a target of criminals and a shift to the farms surrounding J’Bay has also occurred. The housebreakings on the farms seem targeted at the acquisition of fire arms while laptops and electrical items were targeted in Wavecrest.

It appears that syndicated from out of town are mostly responsible for the housebreakings in Wavecrest. A concerted effort will again take place this week to contain the situation.

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Very little crime has been reported from the beachfront areas following the successful raids carried out last week by the Kouga Law Enforcement, the Police and the CPF.

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The Police and the CPF make an urgent appeal to residents in Wavecrest to become pro active and join the fight against crime in the suburb. The successes in Aston Bay and Paradise Beach are proof that when a community stands together, criminals are put on the back foot and crime is contained.

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