Support the J’Bay surfers who are in the EP team

Support the fund raiser for the EP Surfing team at Ninas tonight – even if you just buy an ice cream!!!
EP team members will be the waiters, washing dishes, serving ice cream, making drinks and clearing tables.

The majority of the team come from Jeffreys Bay which indicates just how surfing has progressed in the town over the years.

Remi Peterson is one of the J'Bay locals in the EP Surf team.

So if you would like to be served by your favourite surfer get down to to Ninas tonight and request your waiter from the team.

Here is the team:
U13 Boys U13 Girls
1. Matthew McGillavray 1. Kim van Greunen
2. Jerry van Wyk

U15 Boys U15 Girls
1. Dylan Lightfoot 1. Tahra Uren
2. Dane van Greunen 2. Gina Smith
3. Marshall Renz
4. Luke Bakker

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Emma Smith and Tobias Schroeder are another two of the locals in the EP Surf Team.

U17 Boys U17 Girls
1. Steven Sawyer 1. Emma Smith
2. Dane Staples 2. Lynne Abersalie
3. Tobias Schroeder
4. Carl Barnard

U20 Boys U20 Girls
1. Grant Beck 1. Faye Zoetmulder
2. Remi Petersen 2. Kerry Viljoen
3. Dominique Abersalie
4. Bertie Stuurman

Remember all tips and a percentage of the turnover will go towards the teams expenses to SA Champs!!
So please give our local kids all the support you can.

Squad Training and Learn to Swim lessons @ Training Edge Gym, Ph 083 549 6795

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