Raids on J’Bay beachfront


In an unprecedented show of force, the Kouga Municipality’s Law Enforcement and the Jeffreys Bay Police undertook a cleanup operation of the bushy areas on the beachfront yesterday.

Key points had been earlier identified by the Community Police Forum (CPF) and these areas were raided by the Law Enforcement and followed by teams of cleaners who made sure nothing remained behind in the bush camps.

Ongoing operations to rid J'Bay of criminals will be taking place.

Lower Point had been targeted as a hot spot and there was evidence of criminal activities taking place in the area. The idea was to let the bush sleepers know that this practice will no longer be tolerated as a criminal element has moved into the beachfront and is taking advantage of the situation.

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It is expected that there will be a movement of people up into the kloofs of Wavecrest and residents are asked to monitor the situation and comments can be left on jbaynews.com. Smoke coming out of the kloofs, dogs barking and wildlife being disturbed are all signs of human activity.

The operation was well co-ordinated and teams of cleaners followed the Law Enforcers into the bush

The next part of the ongoing operation will focus on the kloofs. It is clear that the Municipal Law Enforcement will not allow Jeffreys Bay to become a squatter camp and the new working relationship with the CPF and the J’Bay Police will have benefits for the entire community.

The Kouga Municipality is not deserting the bush sleepers either and houses are being built for the community that lives across the R 102 at the top of Wavecrest. Eviction notices have been served on the squatters, who all come from the Hankey district and they will be accommodated in a legal manner in Humansdorp.

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