Stop the Nuke at Thyspunt

The Supertubes Surfing Foundation has been leading the way in conserving the beaches and public open spaces along the Jeffreys Bay beachfront for the past decade.

Their success in the Supertubes Park in particular is easily visable and the car park at top Point has been transformed into a lush indigenous garden. Few can even remember the days when erosion was a major problem in that area.

The surf community is highly concerned with the proposed building of a nuclear power station at Thyspunt and their reasons are valid. The Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) conducted by “experts” employed by Eskom have been shown to be inadequate at best and could even be regarded as flawed.

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Little note has been taken of the facts presented by the Chokka industry that the building of this power plant at Thyspunt will effectively cause the collapse of the industry in our area. Eskom says that 7500 temporary jobs will be created. How can that be weighed up against the loss of 4000 permanent jobs in the local fishing industry?

Bruces Beauties and Supertubes have become iconic waves that are recognised internationally and nothing should be attempted that could put them in jeapody. In fact they should actually receive some kind of “heritage status” that would offer them protection from development of any kind.

The Supertubes Foundation is raising funds to to take Eskom to court to prevent a badly planned and ill conceived nuclear power plant from being built at Thyspunt. They deserve our support. You can also visit their Facebook Fan Page
and keep up to date with the Foundation’s activities.

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