Forced entry in J’Bay housebreakings

The Jeffreys Bay Police has embarked on an operation tonight to reduce the amount of housebreakings in the up market suburb of Wavecrest.

A pattern has been identified in the housebreakings that the Police and CPF will focus on to try eliminate the crime in Jeffreys Bay. Other leads are also being followed up and known parolees are being monitored.

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Pellrus and Paradise Beach were the other two suburbs that experienced housebreaking although Paradise Beach still remains relatively crime free due to active involvement of the community in the suburb as well as the strong Neighbourhood Watch in Aston Bay.

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Forcing of doors, gaining entry through burglar bars and breaking of windows are the favoured modus operand at present in Jeffreys Bay. Laptops, cell phone, cash and other valuables are still being targeted by the housebreakers.

Lieutenant Colonel Ntsabo commander of the Jeffreys Bay Police has asked residents to make sure they are not negligent. “Please don’t leave cell phones and other valuables lying on your car seat when you go into the shops”, said Ntsabo. ‘When you go to bed at night make sure you have secured your premises. Very often an open window is an open invitation to the opportunistic criminal”.

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