Let’s help to save Reece’s Life


Reece Smit (5 years old) is a typical boy that is full of energy and smiles for the world around him and his dream is to fly to the moon on his 18th birthday.

Some day’s Reece is Spiderman, Ben 10 and in fact any Superhero that is out to “save the day”. He is always to be found in some tree hanging upside or hiding from the bad guys. Reece also loves to swim and spends hours in the pool pretending to be a dolphin.

This all changed in June this year when Reece was diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia – a form of congenital anemia.

Reece Smit - the rock star

Fanconi Anemia is a rare inherited genetic condition.  It leads to bone marrow failure, leukaemia and other forms of cancers.

Reece’s bone marrow is not capable of producing normal blood counts, and this essentially means that Reece has a weak immune system.

What this means for Reece on a day-to-day basis is careful screening of visitors when he is particularly poorly, chronic nose bleeds, stomach problems and loss of appetite, lethargy and generally not feeling much like a 5 year old should.

To this day there is no cure for FA.  But there is hope!

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Reece’s hope is a few thousand miles away. The Red Cross has found one bone marrow donor match for him.  The donor resides in Germany.

Although Reece’s bone marrow transplant is covered by his medical aid, the medical procedures and logistics of harvesting his donor bone marrow in the States, and then getting it safely to South Africa, is not.

Reece on the beach with dad Roche

Reece’s chances of finding another bone marrow match are almost none.

A successful bone marrow transplant would cure the blood problem associated with FA, and essentially restore Reece’s immune system.

Let’s help save Reece’s life by raising the required R 350 000. Visit his website . He needs our help.

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