Meet the Locals – Christi Bester

Although she is a swimmer at present, Christy Bester who is Grade 2 at Victory School in Wavecrest wants to be a horse trainer when she is big or to work with animals in some way.

jbaynews.com caught up with Christi (8 yrs) recently as she has just been promoted from the Penguin Squad up to the Dolphin Squad with Brenton’s Swim School.

Christi Bester loves to swim and even her goggles are pink, which is her favourite colour.

“I was promoted to the Penguin squad at the beginning of 2010 as Brenton my coach, thought I was ready to start swimming lengths,” said Christy. “I was nervous but we were allowed to hang onto the pole in the swimming pool at Training Edge Gym when we got tired so it wasn’t so bad”.

“Then once I could swim a whole length without holding onto the pole, Brenton said I was going to be promoted to the Dolphins and they swim lots of lengths so I was very happy that all my hard work in the pool has paid off”, added Christy.

Younger brothers Jonathon and Ewan are also swimmers who cannot wait to get to the pool every Tuesday and Thursday for their swim lessons. In fact Ewan is one of the little swimmers who cry when he has to get out of the pool.

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Ewan Bester at the stairs waiting for his turn to swim.

Christi says her favourite colour is pink and that her favourite food is two minute noodles (much to the delight of mom Tanya). The most enjoyable thing about swimming is being in the water according to Christi whose goal is now to make the Junior Squad of the Kouga Swim Club.

Jonathon Bester is the third member of the family who loves the water.

Her best friend is Shana Zunkel and Christi loves to play with her puppy Keno when she is not swimming. Her hero is Jesus and Christi says she tries to live her life by being respectful to her elders and not to fight too much with her younger brothers.

With Jeffreys Bay being positioned as one of the best open water swim venues in South Africa, maybe this summer Christi will tackle the canals of Marina Martinique as part of her swimming journey.

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