CPF issues warning to bakkie owners in J’Bay

The Jeffreys Bay Police are managing to contain the housebreaking surge that the town has experienced in recent times but the crime is not totally under control.

Good detective work saw two serial housebreakers get convicted for their crimes recently but Wavecrest and Pellsrus were again targeted over the long weekend.

There is no pattern to the housebreakings in Wavecrest but the Police will be focusing on certain key areas in an effort to arrest those responsible for the crime. It is believed that most of the stolen property is taken out of Jeffreys Bay immediately, which could indicate the involvement of out of town syndicates.

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Aston Bay saw a bit of activity as an attempt to break into a car occurred as well as an attempt to gain entry into a unit. Breaking of windows to gain access as well as doors being forced open are the modus operandi most used at present.

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There is still concern that still more bakkies, particularly older models will be targeted in Jeffreys Bay and owners are urged to secure their vehicles if possible. The CPF is working together with the Police in an effort to prevent this crime from happening in the town.

Shop lifting has dropped recently but shop owners must still be vigilant as desperate times cause people to do desperate things. Assaults have also dropped off dramatically in Jeffreys Bay and the close monitoring of the shebeens by the Police and Neighbourhood Watches seems to be paying dividends.

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