Cars being broken into all over J’Bay

The Jeffreys Bay Police have issued a warning to residents about the high levels of theft out of motor vehicles that is occuring in the town.

It is advised that valuables be locked in the boot and cars are secured at night where possible to prevent opportunistic breakings.

There is no particular hot spot as the thefts take place all over town. On a positive note, arrests were made yesterday in which the suspects were linked to three of the reported cases.

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Business owners must also be vigilant as shop lifting has increased as well. The current economic climate makes people desperate and it is not as easy crime to police.

House breakings in Wavecrest have eased off this week which shows that the crime preventions operations involving the Police, CPF, community members and security companies has paid off. However, there is still a lot of movement in Wavecrest, particularly in the kloofs and the beachfront area and residents are urged to remain alert.

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