Criminals invade J’Bay Beach front

Residents along the Jeffreys Bay beachfront are literally living under siege as bush sleepers and criminals are making themselves at home in the bush and under the boardwalks at night. Crime has been on the rise in the Pagoda Cresent area for quite some time and a bakkie was stolen last week from the street.

Mike Botes whose bakkie was stolen said that his house in Pagoda Cresent has already been broken into and his tools were stolen. On top of that, there have been a number of attempts to break into the house since the beginning of the year.

Evidence that criminals are using the bush at Lower Point. Copper pipe casing left behind as litter in the bush camp.

The bush at Lower Point have become a hive of activity with bush sleeprs breaking the indigineous bush and making bush camps. The bush has been used as a toilet as well, in plain sight of a path thats leads down to the beach in this upmarket area of Jeffreys Bay.

Street children at Supertubes, using drugs early in the morning.

At one of the other camps, there are copper pipe casing left behind by the criminals who use the area to escape to, once they have robbed the houses or building sites of the pipes.

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The boardwalk at the world famous surf break of Supertubes is also being used by street children who are clearly using drugs in plain view of the tourists and others who use the beach or make use of the accommodation estabishments in the vicinity.

The fence at Supertubes Park was recently vandalised.

This problem has been ongoing for many years and the Supertubes Surfing Foundation eventually fenced in the bush in the Supertubes Park to prevent unsavoury elements from destroying the last remaining undeveloped sand dune in Jeffreys Bay.

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