Are you concerned about Crime in Jeffreys Bay?

Gone are the days when one could leave your house unlocked in Jeffreys Bay and go to work or the shops or the beach. Gone too are the days when you could leave your things on the beach and go for a swim and expect to find everything as you left it.

Surfers used to be able to leave their clothes in the toilet in the Supertubes Park and go surfing for a few hours and return surfed out and find nothing would have been taken.

Holiday houses were normally targeted by the house breakers and it was extremely rare to hear of an occupied house being broken into. There was one small security company in town and the Jeffreys Bay Police were feared by the criminals.

Wavecrest was the desired suburb to reside in and the magnificent kloofs and bush were home to buck and the plots on the kloofs were considered to be prime residential stands.

Sadly that has all changed. Nowadays the kloofs are used by house robbers who use them to get to their intended targets and they use them as escape routes. Residents who live on the kloofs report that their dogs bark regularly in the middle of the night as they hear movement.

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There won’t be many people left in Jeffreys Bay who have not been a target of crime or know of somebody who has been robbed.

What can be done about this crime wave that we are experiencing?

A good starting place is to become involved with the Community Police Forum (CPF). The Forum is meeting tonight at 6 PM at the Police Station and is the place where the Police and the Community come together to work out how best to fight crime in the town.

You can make a difference!!!

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