Anti Crime Operation in J’Bay last night


The Police helicopter in the skies over Jeffreys Bay last night as well as a heavy community and police presence in the streets paid off as criminals were stopped in their tracks following a spate of mainly house breakings and theft of motor vehicles in the town.

The operation began at 6 PM with a show of force through the crime ridden suburb of Wavecrest, followed by the convoys of vehicles through the CBD and C Place. Aston Bay and Paradise Beach were then saturated with Law Enforecement officers, CPF members as well as the Neighbourhood Watches.

One of the bigger shebeens was later encircled and raided by the Police supported by community members and Smhart Security.

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Very little crime was reported in Jeffreys Bay last night as a result. The high visability from the Kouga Municipality’s Traffic Officers also ensured that drink driving was contained and party goers acted responsibly.

Residents are welcome to report any criminal activities such as house breakings to jbaynews.com and we will publish it in an attempt to put criminals behind bars where they belong.

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