No oil spill at Point

Residents and surfers were highly concerned on Tuesday when a substance that looked like oil started flowing from the storm water drain onto the beach at Point.

Surfers and residents insisted that the builders contain the spill at Point.

The discharge certainly seemed to be oil but tasted salty and was very creamy in texture. A builder was boring on a plot nearly when suddenly the substance started gushing out and eventually ended up on the beach.

It is not hard to understand why everyone at first thought this was an oil spill

However, it has occured in Jeffreys Bay before and it is thought to be a combination of borehole water and black shale that causes the black oil like look.

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The Kouga Municipality was quickly on the scene as was the Supertubes Surfing Foundation to assess the situation. Samples of the discharge were taken for analysis and at this stage it is unknown what the environmental impact will be on the beach and rock pools at Point.

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