Vandals hit the Supertubes Park


The Supertubes Park in Da Gama Road is looking better than it has in years. The efforts of the Supertubes Surfing Foundation (SSF) have ensured that the park has survived the current drought and the planting of indigineous plants has paid off.

SSF made a decision to fence in the remaining sand dune in the Supertubes Park to protect the last section of undeveloped beach front for future generations.

Bush sleepers have been a problem in the Park since the mid 1990’s and through the efforts of the surf community, no permanent settlement has been allowed to become established in the area.

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The Community Police Forum had identified the Park as being a congregating point for criminals in Wavecrest who were targeting the nearby houses and with the dense bush including aloes, it was difficult for the Police to effectively monitor the situation.

Fencing off the dunes has made a huge difference to the environment as the milkwood trees are no longer being cut down for firewood and the levels of human waste and other litter has also diminished considerably.

Late last week the Zack Davidson from the Supertubes Foundation noticed that part of the fence had been cut in the Park. “It is a strange place for the vandalism to occur as the bush is really thick in that particular part of the Park”, said Zack. “It is too thick for bush sleepers to enter so we think it could be a case of random vandalism which will cost the Foundation money to fix”.

Zack Davidson from the Supertubes Surfing Foundation shows the fence that was cut in the Supertubes Park.

The Supertubes Surfing Foundation is a non profit organisation who cleans the beaches of Jeffreys Bay,rescues indigineous plants and protects the sand dunes in the area. Visit their fan page on Face Book

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