Whale launches itself at yacht – video

The young Southern Right Whale that launched itself at a yacht near Robben Island just off Cape Town was filmed. In this footage one can make out the whale heading straight for the yacht at a fair speed before breaking the surface.

The boat upon which the camera man took the footage hightailed it out of the area amongst some nervous laughter and comments from the crew who were taking no chances.


Meanwhile the first Southern Right Whales of the calving season have been spotted in Jeffreys Bay. Four whales including a small calf were seen in very shallow water on Main Beach last Friday. One of the whales was so shallow it could have been scraping itself on the sand bank.

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Southern Right Whales in very shallow water at Main beach

August and September normally heralds the arrival of scores of Southern Rights in the sheltered bay. The numbers have been increasing each year and it is a wonderful sight to see up to 30 whales frolicking just off shore.

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