Little boy rescues parents in Wavecrest house attack

Brave Anton Ekermans jnr came to the rescue of his parents who had been tied up and gagged by robbers when the family came under attack in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Anton snr was working on his computer when he felt somebody touch his shoulder. “As I looked up one of the robbers put a knife against my throat and the other one had a screwdriver against my chest. They quickly cut some of the wires and tied my hands.

Even if I had a panic button, there would have been no time to press it. They let me climb out of the chair and put me on the carpet and tied my legs. The one stayed on top of me with the knife (or screwdriver, I couldn’t see), the other one went into the house and brought Tina and also tied her up.”

At this point little Anton (6yrs old) who had slept all day was playing a game on his computer and didn’t notice what was happening. Tina said that Anton only became upset when one of the robbers put tape over her mouth. ‘When Anton jnr became upset they made him stand up off my lap and started tying his feet as well. They then took him into the house as we were tied up in the garage.”

Anton told his mom afterwards that he started to “fake cry” and the robbers then untied him and told him to go to bed. As soon as he heard the robbers leave the house, he bravely ran back into the garage and untied his parents who then summonsed the security company and the Police.

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The robber who had a butcher’s knife had brown suede leather shoes on, a grey honeycomb design hoodie, with a beanie under the hoodie and wore grey woolen gloves. The other one with the large flatpoint screwdriver has 2 scars in the middle of his right cheek, horizontal, about 2.5cm long and 2 cm apart. He had big eyes and wore white wool gloves, a dark hoodie with a beanie underneath.

They are both black men in their thirties, of medium build and about 1.8m tall. They spoke English to the victims and Xhosa to each other.

A reward of R 2000 per suspect is being offered for information that leads to their arrest.

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