Sewage Spill contained on Main Beach


After nearly two full days of raw sewage gushing onto Main Beach in Jeffreys Bay, the municipality have managed to pump the effluent up and cover the rest under a layer of sand.

The spill, probably the biggest Jeffreys Bay has ever seen, was caused by a broken pressure gauge.  “’As a result, water got into the pump station, the electrical motors got wet, the electricity tripped and the pumps stopped working, said Kouga Municipality spokesperson  Laura Lee Randall.

The construction of the sewage dam at Main Beach

“We were able to restore the power yesterday morning but two of the electrical motors had to be taken to a firm in Humansdorp to be dried, so the pump station is working again but not yet at full capacity. That’s why the honeysuckers are there (at Main Beach) – to suck up whatever cannot be handled and minimize the spill”. 

According to Randall the sea water was tested when the last spill occurred two months ago but no dangerous amounts of ecoli or other related bacteria were discovered.

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The sewage was thick and stunk at Main Beach, our Blue Flag status beach.

However, this is simply not good enough for the beach users of Jeffreys Bay. Many children play at the beach and are exposed to the sewage and there are still concerns that seepage will occur and that the sewage will still land up in the ocean.

Will Jeffreys Bay even be able to keep its Blue Flag status with a beach on which sewage dams are built.

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