Another sewage spill on Main Beach


A massive dam has been built on Main Beach, near the Kitchen Windows surf break to contain what is probably the biggest sewage spill Jeffreys Bay has ever seen.

The municipal sewage trucks have been busy since yesterday morning, sucking up the raw sewage that is gushing onto the Jeffreys Bay’s premier swimming beach. By this morning, the dam was still full, indicating that the sewage spill has not yet been contained.

The person in the back ground gives an indication of how big the sewage dam on Main Beach is.

Reports have been received of sewage smells in other parts of Jeffreys Bay as well, which is alarming to residents of the town.

Apparantly a mechanical failure is to blame for the spill but unfortunately this problem has been going on for nearly 20 years and residents have heard all the excuses ranging from heavy rainfall causing spills to an alarm on the pump station not working .

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Construction of the dam at Main Beach

It is ludicrous to believe that the Kouga is ready to receive an influx of people that will come into the region should the nuclear power station at Thyspunt go ahead, when we cannot even keep the current sewage system up and running.

Surfers have been complaining for years about cuts becoming infected and eye infections from surfing at Kitchen Windows, yet nothing has been done to solve the problem. Indeed, all the municipality does is send graders onto the beach to cover up the problem.

At the time of publication, no communication has yet been received from the municipality regarding the spill.

The "honey suckers" have been busy since yesterday trying to contain the sewage spill.

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